We are a Polish non-governmental organisation called „Foundation for Positive Change”. We formed in 2012: www.pozytywnezmiany.org.

Our mission is:
Step by step to a world free from violence – we monitor, we educate, we assist”.

Our main mission is to combat violence against women, and much of our work concentrates on prevention and the education of young women – especially teenage girls.

We also form part of the Girls’ Rock Camp Alliance – an international coalition of organisations whose shared aim is to empower girls using the tools of music education to foster self-esteem, confidence and to generate social change.

We organise Girls’ Rock Camps in Poland: week-long camps where girls learn to play rock music, form teams and participate in a series of workshops to build the girls’ self-esteem.

We have already organised four camps for teenage girls and three for adult women.

A large part of our work is the provision of free help (legal assistance, psychological counselling and whatever else is needed) for women and teenage girls who have experienced violence.

We are also a watchdog organisation and we monitor local government and politics on the different kinds of help made available by them to victims of domestic violence.

We work a great deal on the right to information and we also submit reports of our findings.